Udi Manber's Old Home Page

I am now a VP of Engineering at Google.

(This is my old home page from the time I was on the faculty at the University of Arizona. Besides the line above, this page has not been updated in almost 10 years. I'll get to it at some point, when things quiet down.)

Udi Manber is was a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Arizona. He received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Washington in 1982. His research interests include WWW applications, especially search and resource discovery tools, software tools, computer networks, computer security, and design of algorithms.

He is the author of over 50 technical articles, a best-selling book Introduction to Algorithms -- A Creative Approach, Addison Wesley, 1989 (16th printing, 1999), and the editor of 3 other books. He received three best-paper awards, a teaching award, a Presidential Young Investigator Award in 1985, and the USENIX Software Tools User Group Award in 1999.

Last updated Nov 13, 2006